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Longtime manager and patriarch to the Jackson family, Joe Jackson has passed away. Click here to read his obituary and learn more about his life.

For 30 years, Tammy Waddell worked as a teacher in Forsyth, Georgia. She loved “her kids” and made sure that her students always had the opportunity to learn, it was something she deeply believed in. Even after her death, Mrs Waddell continued to serve her community and provide students with opportunities to learn and succeed. Click here to learn more.

Richard Harrison star of the hit TV series Pawn Stars has passed away at the age of 77. Click here to read his obituary and celebrate his life.

If you need to learn about anything, Google is the tool that connects you to the websites that answer that question. When you start to search something, Google uses the data from the billions of searches it processes every day to populate results and suggest the most popular questions being asked. We’ve decided to answer the most popular questions being asked about funeral directors on Google.

If your father is no longer here, it understandable that you might not feel up to celebrating Father’s Day. In fact, many people find it can be a day that’s filled with grief even if many years have passed since your father’s passing. That grief can be a powerful tool and teach you a lot about life. In some way, it’s almost like your father is still teaching you lessons about life.

Critically acclaimed author, tv host and celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain has passed away according to multiple reports. Click here to read his obituary and celebrate his life.

Did you know that in the 48 hours immediately following a loved one’s death, the deceased’s family could have to make up to 70 decisions? It can be an overwhelming situation, to say the least. In addition to dealing with the grief and stress of losing someone you love, you now have many important decisions to make in a limited amount of time. Click here to learn what to expect when making funeral arrangements.

World-renowned American fashion designer and businesswoman Kate Spade has died according to multiple reports. Click here to read her obituary and celebrate her life.