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Remembering Your Mom & Dad On Parents’ Day

For many people, your mom and dad have helped shaped you into the person you are today. They taught you so many things from understanding the difference between right and wrong to how to care for yourself and for some, how to raise your children. The sacrifices a parent makes for the betterment of their child is arguably one of the most important yet often underappreciated things about being a parent.

An often overlooked holiday occurs on the third Sunday in July after we have celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It’s called Parents’ Day. A day dedicated to saying thanks to your parents for everything they’ve done as a team to help you over the years.

 If your parents are no longer here though, celebrating the day can be a stressful time for some people. Today we’ll look at different ways to celebrate Parents’ Day and pay tribute to the life of your parents.

Ways To Celebrate Parents’ Day

Gather for A Family Breakfast

If there’s one thing most parents love, it’s gathering the family together for a meal. With everyone living busy lives, it can be hard to get your entire family together at the same time. Often when families do gather, it’s for dinner. Try to switch it up and gather as a family for breakfast. Whether it’s at a local restaurant or someone’s home, bring your siblings and their family members together to share breakfast like you would have had with your parents when you were children.

Play A Memorial Tribute Game

Try to think about funny stories, things your parents often said or did, and other unique or quirky things about them. From there, turn these stories into questions and play a trivia game with your family. It will give everyone a chance to reflect over memories they may have forgotten and serve as a way to share stories with grandchildren that may not have known as much about their grandparents.

Look Through Old Scrapbooks

Most moms love taking pictures of their family. It’s wasn’t a real family trip or celebration if mom wasn’t telling you and your siblings to smile for what felt like the 200th picture together. All those pictures have to end up somewhere eventually. A great way to reminisce over memories of your parents is to look through old photo albums and scrapbooks. If you’re crafty, consider taking old photo albums and turn them into new scrapbooks infused with pictures of your parents and your children.

Hold A Barbeque for Friends and Family

A barbeque is a great way for friends and family to gather and share stories about your parents. Just because your parents are gone doesn’t mean you can’t connect with their long-time friends. Invite your family and friends of your family and relatives over to celebrate the day together. This will allow people the chance to reconnect if they haven’t seen each other in years and share their favorite stories with one another.

Spend The Day Doing What They Loved to Do

When you were younger, was there something you did every summer? For many families, something like an annual beach trip or weekend camping is something many parents look forward to. An excellent way to pay tribute to your parents is by spending the day doing what your parents loved to do with your family. It will serve as a way to reminisce over memories and feel connected to your parents.


Final Thoughts

Experiencing grief and missing your parents on Parents’ Day is not uncommon. By celebrating your parents’ lives, you’ll feel connected to them and help make the grief subside. Experts agree, listen to your heart and only do as much as you are able. You may not want to do anything at all, that’s okay too.


Do you have unique or fun ways that you remember your mom and dad on Parents’ Day? Let us know how you plan to celebrate Parents’ Day in the comment section below!

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How Funeral Home Crowdfunding Will Help Your Family

Crowdfunding is one of the most powerful tools available to help people raise funds for a good cause. It allows a community to come together and work towards helping someone else cover costs and offer assistance during a time of need.

If a death occurs unexpectedly, families can face two problems. The first is that they struggle to find the funds to cover the costs of the funeral which leads to additional stress and financial hardship. The second scenario is that the family settles for a lower costing service that fits within their limited budget. This can result in feelings of guilt, disappointment, and regret because they feel they weren’t able to properly honor their loved one’s life.

This week our partner company FrontRunner Professional released A Helping Hand™ in partnership with GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform. This is a significant development for the funeral industry as it will undoubtedly help thousands of families across North America.

Because this announcement got us so excited about the possibilities, we thought we would look at some of the ways the funeral industry can benefit from crowdfunding.


Benefits of Crowdfunding

Cover Funeral Expenses

The first and most obvious benefit of crowdfunding is that you can cover the costs associated with a service. What many people don’t realize is that funeral expenses are more than just the cost of the service and funeral products. There are many additional costs like legal fees, estate fees, and much more. According to the NFDA, the average cost of a funeral with burial in North America is $7,181. If you would like to hold a funeral service and cremation, the average price is $6,078

For some families, this can be a lot of money to pull together quickly. By using crowdfunding, the family can receive assistance from those in their community to help make these costs more manageable.


Donating Money To Charity

A common question related to crowdfunding is what happens with the any of the extra funds once the funeral expenses are covered. Donating this money to charity or a worthy cause in the name of your loved one is an excellent way to pay tribute to them. If your loved one was a charitable person or firmly believed in a certain cause, this is most likely where they would like the extra funds directed.

Some notable charities families often donate to include the following:

Ronald McDonald House Charities

American Cancer Society

American Red Cross

Wounded Warrior Project

Save The Children


Establish An Education Scholarship

Was your loved one a strong proponent of education and personal development? Were they involved with or a supported a local college or university in your community? A scholarship fund in their name could help deserving students in your area realize their dream of achieving a post-secondary education and help cover some of the costs associated with pursuing it.


Help Surviving Family Members

Sometimes the funds left over from crowdfunding are best spent on supporting the surviving family members. For instance, if the father of a young family passes away unexpectedly, the funds could be used to help raise the children or be put into a trust to assist with their education.

When a death occurs suddenly, there is a period of adjustment afterwards until the family gets back on their feet. The remaining funds could be used to support the family with living expenses, transportation costs, supplemental income if the primary income is lost, assist with childcare expenses, and to help cover medical bills.


Create A Lasting Memorial Tribute

A final benefit of crowdfunding is using the remaining funds to create a memorial tribute for your loved one. This could include directing the money towards building something in a local park in your community like a fountain, bench, or play structure.

Planting a memorial tree is another popular choice for creating a memorial tribute. The Honouring a Life program is a great way to plant a tree that not only helps the environment but also represents growth and the beginning of a new life.


How It Makes An Impact

Whether it’s planning a beautiful funeral service to say goodbye, donating the money to help others in the community, or helping the surviving family members adjust to a new life; crowdfunding helps to benefit so many people in a community indirectly.

The great thing about crowdfunding is that you can see donations in real time meaning you can stop the campaign when your goal is reached. You also get to see the names of each individual that has donated so that you know who to send thank you notes to after the campaign has ended.


To learn more about A Helping Hand™ check out Frontrunner Professional’s blog post!

Dad and Son

Remembering Your Dad On Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be an emotional time for those that have lost their dad. Whether you have recently lost your dad, or a period of time has passed, the day can be difficult nonetheless. Even though he’s gone, Father’s Day can serve as a time for you to do something special to pay your respect to the man who taught you so much.