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Funeral Attire: What To Wear To A Funeral

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Casual, formal, business professional? Although a funeral service is a time you should respect tradition, it seems that funeral attire is becoming more and more casual in recent years.


While there is no specific dress code, wearing something that errs on the conservative side is always the safer bet. Remember, it’s never a bad thing to be overdressed, but you never want to be the guy who is underdressed. A funeral is a time to show your respect as you honor the life of the deceased, and your clothing should reflect that.


Funeral Attire for Men

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Dark Colors Are Preferred

Save the bright and vibrant colors for the golf course or a patio. Black, grey, or dark blue clothing is considered the standard for funeral attire.


Look Your Best

A suit complete with an ironed white dress shirt and a dark tie to match is a classic look for the occasion. While a suit is the preferred choice, a nice pair of slacks and a shirt and tie are also acceptable. If you’re a member of the immediate family, or have a part during the service (i.e. a pallbearer, a reading, delivering the eulogy) than you should try to look your best. For everyone else, think business casual as the bare minimum. A funeral should never be the place you wear your designer ripped jeans and plain white t-shirt.


Minimize the Jewelry

There is nothing wrong with wearing a nice simple watch. When the band matches your shoes and belt, it can bring the whole outfit together. Just don’t be over the top or have your jewelry be a distraction. Much like your clothing, try to be conservative with your choices. Your attending the service to say goodbye and pay your respects. Your jewelry should not distract or take away from this.


Match Your Shoes to Your Suit

Depending on the color of your suit or dress clothes, make sure you wear the appropriate colored shoes to match. Brown shoes go best with a blue, brown, or light grey suit. Black shoes match with a black suit, dark blue, or dark grey suit. Also make sure to spend a few extra minutes cleaning and shining your shoes.


Funeral Attire for Women

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Dress Conservatively

A funeral is a solemn event so make sure your clothing reflects that. This isn’t the time to breakout a cocktail dress or something that’s loud and bright. A simple dress that covers the shoulders and knees or a business suit is all you need. Another popular look is to pair your outfit with a blazer or a nice sweater.


Subtle Colors Are Best

A funeral is not a time for your outfit to make a statement. Stick to subtle colors like black, grey, dark blue, or a red-violet. Try to make sure that your outfit features more solid or neutral colors and stays away from overly floral or patterned designs.


Don’t Wear Too Much Jewelry

Many women to want to wear jewelry that makes them look stylish and elegant. It is ok to pair together some earrings, a necklace and rings. Just don’t go overboard with it. Remember, your attending the funeral to mourn a loss so you might have to sacrifice your style. If you can, try wearing a piece of jewellery that the deceased owned or had given to you at some point in their life.


Select Shoes Based on Comfort, Not Fashion

A funeral service involves a lot of sitting, standing, and walking (if you plan on attending the graveside service). Select shoes that you will be comfortable in all day. Shoes like high heels or strappy sandals will leave your feet aching and make an already uncomfortable day that much worse. If you know that a pair of shoes are incredibly uncomfortable, don’t even think about wearing them. No matter how “cute” they are.


Don’t Overthink It

Honestly, you don’t really need to stress and fret about what you wear to the funeral. What really matters is that you are making an effort to be there and celebrate a life. This isn’t a time for other guests to be judgemental as they are also mourning a loss and dealing with their own grief. If you show up in anything besides a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, you’re probably ok.


Don’t break the bank either. This isn’t a time you need to go out and buy a brand-new suit or dress. If you need to buy one item, that’s ok. But don’t feel like you have to feel like you need to purchase an entire outfit for this one occasion. Wear clothes that are respectful and ones you feel comfortable in. Rather than using that money to grow your closet, make a donation on behalf of the deceased.

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