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NBA Icon Kobe Bryant Obituary (1978-2020)

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Kobe Bryant


August 23, 1978 – January 26, 2020


NBA legend Kobe Bryant has passed away after numerous media outlets reported his death. Bryant was tragically involved in a helicopter crash that killed him and 8 other people including his daughter.

Bryant was best known for his NBA career where he played 20 seasons for the Los Angeles Lakers. During his playing career, Bryant was an 18-time All-Star, 15-time member of the All-NBA team, and 12-time member of the NBA All-Defensive team. Highly regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time, Bryant and the Lakers won 5 NBA championships. He also was named the league’s most valuable player in 2008 and won 3 gold medals playing for team USA (two in the Olympic games).

Bryant’s father was also an NBA player named Joe Bryant. Following his father’s retirement from the NBA, the Bryant family moved to Italy to continue Joe’s playing career. Bryant spent much of his early years in Italy, returning to the United States in the summer to play in summer leagues.

Bryant rose to prominence during his high school years playing for Lower Merion high school in his hometown of Philadelphia. During this time, Bryant set numerous records and won the state championship during his senior year.

After high school, Bryant chose to enter the NBA draft directly from high school. At the time, the move was uncommon with Kevin Garnett being the first player to do so in 20 years only a year earlier in 1995. Bryant was drafted 13th overall in 1996 by the Charlotte Hornets and subsequently moved to the Lakers after a trade deal had been arranged between the Hornets and Lakers a few days prior to the draft.

During his time in the NBA, Bryant was a dominant force setting records and winning multiple awards and honors. Bryant played primarily as a shooting guard and was considered a dangerous and elite scorer. He played with a level of intensity that was admired by most. Bryant was known for resilient work ethic and high pain threshold. He regularly played through injuries and the demanded the ball in clutch moments, often coming up successful. His love of competition and passion to win was remarkable. Even in his life after the NBA, Bryant continued to demonstrate that same pedigree and level of excellence in his new business ventures.

Bryant married his wife Vanessa in 2001. Together the couple had 4 daughters with the youngest being born in June, 2019. Following the death of Bryant and his daughter Gianna, the pair are survived by Bryant’s wife and other 3 children.

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