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ObitTree, Inc. Unveils the New National Obituary Registry

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ObitTree Inc., a company founded with deep roots in funeral service, today released a comprehensive initiative designed to help funeral professionals take back control of their obituaries, win back their online profits, foster a positive message about funeral service and expand their community reach, all while protecting the future of funeral service.

The National Obituary Registry works with ObitTree, Inc. to provide a new portal that funeral professionals desperately need today, which includes every touch point a funeral home needs to succeed in this new age of online marketing.

Funeral Homes across North America are increasingly voicing concerns over the buildup of third party obituary posting schemes that leverage funeral homes’ obituaries for their own self gain. The National Obituary Registry’s comprehensive strategy will allow funeral professionals to take back control, work with local newspapers to rebuild the trusting relationship they once enjoyed together and have both parties achieve higher gains within their communities.

“Given the stranglehold that large online obituary posting companies have created through deals with local newspapers, it is critical that all of funeral service bands together if they are going to win back control. If every funeral home in North America registers their obituaries through the National Obituary Registry, the change will be swift and measurable, and funeral professionals will finally be in control of what belongs to them” says Jason Truesdell CEO of ObitTree Inc.

The key to this initiative is for funeral homes to submit their obituaries to the National Obituary Registry before sending them to the newspaper, allowing the National Obituary Registry to position the funeral home as the rightful creator, owner and authority of the obituary and be the leader in all major search engines for their own obituaries. It’s a simple copy & paste process that puts funeral homes in control.

In addition to helping protect a funeral home’s online obituaries, ObitTree’s powerful direct-to-consumer portal will help firms capture more pre-need and at-need opportunities in their communities and introduce several new features, including a crowdfunding platform for visitors to make contributions to help families with final expenses.

The National Obituary Registry and ObitTree, Inc. will also use this opportunity to help support our professional Funeral Associations in their strife to continue offering quality programs and ensure a sustained positive message about funeral service, as well as the benefits of choosing licensed funeral professionals.
Register today and join thousands of funeral professionals across North America, like you, who have decided enough is enough and are ready to take action. To activate your account with the National Obituary Registry and start taking back control today, go to, or take the test to see if your funeral home is affected here.

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